Webflow Website, External Web-App

Good Morning,

I am in the wireframe part of building a web-app, and I’m wondering if I am to SECURELY leverage a web flow website (Home, about us, product, features, static pages, payment, sign-in, and Log-in) with a Web App that has another host.

This would allow me to build the website portion with the amazing templates they have in Webflow (while customizing it), significantly reduce costs, and have a Front-end and back-end developer focus on the Web App portion (the important stuff).

I read that this might not be the most secure process, or would using firebase be the way to do this?

Thank you!

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We are not really having a hosting problem, rather its about the user credentials and transition from the static webflow website to the webapp hosted on a different provider.

The userflow would be as follows: User visits site → Signs up/Log’s in - > Access WebApp

I do know about DNS domains and where to point them, this has more to do with the secure passage of log-in creditionals.

I think I found a workaround that leads to a 90% solution.

Thinking about it, the Log-in Option could arguably take them to the log-in page of the app.
The question then becomes, how do you pass on email or registration information obtained from the static website to the WebApp?

A great example of this (not Webflow related) but if you look how ClickUp.com has their log-in button redirect to app.clickup.com.

The updated issue that would need to be resolved is how to pass email collected from Webflow to forms in the web app.