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Creating A Client Portal

I’m a graphic designer taking in ACH payments from up to 10 clients at a time. I want to leverage the new E-Commerce functionality to build a login for my clients where they could manage their own details - see their invoices and pay them.

I’ve looked at companies like Invoiced and Instapayments who seem to be able to lift customer profiles from Stripe and embed them but it’s unclear how that will go. Would it be possible to do this on my own without another $25-$50 recurring fee?

Currently I use Hellobonsai to manage invoices, contracts etc. My payment processor is Stripe. I’d be willing to switch to Quickbooks for example if that’s more realistic. Anyone built something similar?

Here is my public share link:

Via Udemy you can transform your webflow project to wordpress and add woocommerce

Why you haven’t build it in Wordpress initially? Is there a reason as I can see from your website you build on WP also.

Hi @Park_House, I build most sites in Wordpress for customers. I chose Webflow for myself so I can learn. I have just one customer on a Webflow CMS site so far but I was able to charge 2-3x what I would normally so in the long run I hope to use Webflow most of the time and only use Wordpress when I have to.

I’ve seen the Udesly adapter and the Udemy courses. What I’d want to know is what happens when I then add wordpress plugins.

Take a look at Built with codeignitor on php. Might meet your needs.

@homadedesign thanks for you reply. Sorry to be off your topic as I am new in Webflow and I am still hesitant on which platform I should build most website. What are the main Benefits of WF comparing to WP?

Hi, just want to let you know I’m getting back to solving this issue now and I’ve reached out to pancake app. I’ll keep you posted if/when I learn how it goes.


How did it go?

hey Lobsang, turned out Pancake App couldn’t help me with this at the time and recommended I reach out to a programmer so I had to abandon this.

I learned recently that supports some lite version of this in their system via an integration with Help Scout. So I think perhaps the demand just isn’t there to make this idea worth an investment.


Thanks for the update!