Website Business Directory with employees and unique employee profiles

I have a website for a business that has multiple brick and mortar locations across the country, and each location will have its own unique location page with basic information like hours of operations, google maps and a directory of staff. Each location has 30-60 employees/staff.

The Directory needs to show each employee with a pictures, and some basic info, and when you click the employee “link” you will be re-directed to an “Employee” profile that gives you a little information about that employee. This will be repeated for every employee on each location-directory for each business location.

Would CMS be a good route to add there employees faster? Could I use CMS to add each employee, add an image and fill out their “About” profile page, and have Webflow CMS do the rest of the work with adding them to the pages directory, and giving the ability to click on the employee from the directory to view their “About” profile?

Here is an image of a wireframe to visually explain

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Yes, that’s exactly what the CMS is for.
It’s not a full relational database, but it will give you the mechanics you need for organizing your entities and relationships in a clean and navigable way.

Your collections will probably include…

  • Location ( with address, photo, maybe lat/long, hours, google map embed code )
  • Staff ( name, photo, link to Location, maybe a rich text bio.

With that simple structure, you create all of your Locations and Staff. Each of them has its own page. Each location can list the staff, and link to them. Each staff page can identify the location that staff works at, and link to it. All of that content is also accessible by the search page.

The CMS lets you structure your data consistently and spend FAR less effort styling individual pages.

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Thank you. I will be giving this a try tomorrow. I’ll let you know if I need any helps. I’m not experienced with the CMS side of Webflow yet. :wink: