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Hey guys,

I think I need your expertise!

I’m currently working on a project for a client who founded a financial-advisory-company and it is slowly growing.
I have created a website that among other things contains offers with deposited affiliate links. To display the offers I used CMS tabs from finsweet (Dynamic Webflow Tabs with Webflow CMS Collection List). Shoutout at this point, works very well.
Now the client also wants the same pages for his employees, what changes is the header with personal data that is adapted from the CMS databases like a business card and in each case the assigned affiliatelinks if there is a personal one. If not it takes the original one. I have already worked out a solution, but soon reach the limits of 20 CMS databases per page and with more employees in the future also the 40 per project.

To be able to scale the whole thing further I was wondering if anyone knows another solution for this? Maybe something like Memberstack (however I dont know is thats the best solution here as this is more for paying members than employees I guess).

Thanks a lot
Paul :blush:

Hey Paul,

Memberstack is also great for making internal platforms - you can set the login pages of your individual users, so when they log in to your website, they will immediately be sent to the page with their own custom information.

Hey Duncan,

thanks for reaching out!
Can it be linked to the CMS-Databases of Webflow?

No problem! :smiley:

That depends on what you’re looking to do. The short answer would be yes, although I could explain how to link the two if you give me the use case.

For example, you would be able to add CMS-generated, member-specific pages to a users account - making it so that’s their new page upon log-in.

Ok, so I have a CMS-List with entries like title, text, images and a button on which an affiliate-link is attached linking to the specific offer. There is the companies page with offers and now there are multiple employee-sites with the exact same content. The header on these sites hold personal details and a different affiliate link. The header part is quite is easy to manage. The button-part however is a little bit tricky, as some of the affiliatelinks are not personal yet and for that case the company ones will be used. Ill be restricted with the CMS-Database-Limits of webflow.
So how do I link these CMS-Databases to Memberstack? :slight_smile:
Appreciate the help

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