Using CMS to make Create Business Location Pages

I have a page on my website that has multiple locations, on each locations page there is a directory for all the tenants that occupy this location. I want to be able to link each tenant to their own unique profile page that will give the users more information on the tenant.

Instead of making all the pages myself I’d like a way to fill in the data using CMS. Every Location page has the same design, and so does every directory and tenant profile.

Does anybody know how I can do this with CMS Collections?

I have an Image I attached to hopefully better visually explain this.

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You’d use CMS Collections like Building and Tenant, and references, like Tenant → Building. Look up basic CMS collection and references to understand those basics.

The bigger problem is, how do you secure this.
Before you worry about how to display it, worry about who can see it.

I wouldn’t take kindly to having my personal information public on the web without my knowledge or direct control, so you have to consider carefully your privacy laws and tenant rights.

Webflow Memberships might do the trick for you although they’re still working out details of how to control what data logged-in users can see- and this scenario is a rather complex one, because the access rules can be complex. What data should a user be able to see anyway? Tenants in their own building? How do they prove they’re a tenant? What info should they be able to see about a tenant they aren’t friends with v. ones they are? Do I see a photo of other tenants on my same building level, so I can recognize them by face?

Updating data has challenges too. Webflow Logic has some very promising capabilities on the ability to update CMS collections with Webflow forms, but controlling who can do that, and to which records… is much more complex.

In short, Webflow is great at building incredible UIs. But it’s not an app design platform. The moment you start getting deeply into security, data privacy issues, access control issues, you need to consider those hard.

Could you explain how this type of collection would look like?

I’ve no idea what you want to store.
Collections are very easy to use, just create the fields you want.

Hi Darius :wave:

Your details where very clear and the image was a giant help, well done explaining your needs :clap:

This should be fairly straightforward for you.

I’d recommend adding a (multi)reference field attached to your Locations CMS Collection, pointing to your Profiles / Tenants CMS Collection.

What this does is create a association between the two Collections, linking them together.

Once they’re linked together, displaying that association should be somewhat straightforward, though there may be a few gotcha’s that you’ll need to work through. But totally doable.

This is a fairly standard architecture within Webflow so loads of doc’s and resources on the topic.