Dynamic location-based “child sites” for corporate website?

I am currently in the process of designing a website for a real estate company. I am having some difficulty, because I need a user to be able to select a particular office/location (ie: Los Angeles, CA) and subsequently have the site reflect their selection. In other words, pages like “Meet Our Team” would need to dynamically only display employees for Los Angeles, CA. Similarly, a “Search Property Listings” page would need to dynamically show only listings in that particular location.

As of now, I am stuck designing separate versions of each page for each location, which is going to take forever and I will have to go through all of them every time I make a change. My locations and employee list are saved in Webflow’s CMS. What would be the best way to make this more “dynamic?” Cookies maybe? I’m only a novice web coder, so detailed answers would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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BUMP: Does anyone have suggestions for how this would be possible?

Using cookies is possible. JS Cookie plugin is recommended https://github.com/js-cookie/js-cookie

Excuse my noobishness, but how do I implement this plugin?

It entirely depends on how you decide to implement your custom code. The documentation is simple enough, it stores data in cookies.

Let’s say you store a string like this:

var cookieName = "userLocationCookie"; // save cookie name so you can use it multiple locations
Cookies.set(cookieName, 'los-angeles');

You can get the stored cookie wherever you need to make a check for the location:

var cookieValue = Cookies.get(cookieName);

if(cookieValue && cookieValue !== "") {
  // a cookie has been set

  if(cookieValue === "los-angeles") {
    // user is in "los-angeles"
    // do stuff for los-angeles here...

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