Website and Site Plan Transfer From One Account To Another - Please Help!

Hey everyone.

This is the first time using the forum. I’ve run in to a bit of an issue that I could use some help with.

I built a website for a client on my account, when the site was done we launched it on my account (they paid for the ANNUAL site plan via white label billing).

However, for their own reasons, they want to have the site hosted on their account so they can make full use of the designer internally.

The problem I have is - there is no way for me to transfer the current site plan to their account, even though they aren’t looking to change plan.

I tried contacting Webflow support as I read in the forum that Webflow can provide ‘credits’ in such a circumstance - is this correct? And can anyone tell me how to get a reply from Webflow’s support? They’ve been pretty unresponsive.

They (Webflow) have stated that then can do this and I recall people saying that they did on a couple of occasions. As to getting a reply from support It appears that is an issue right now. Can’t help you with that.

Thanks Jeff for the confirmation, I’ll keep trying with webflow support to see if I can talk to someone.

It would be great if there was a more seamless process to make situations like this a lot easier. At this rate I’ve have to issue a refund out my own pocket.

I had a client that wanted the same thing. I had already paid for a year and was 9 months in. We canceled hosting and spun it up on the clients account. I had to eat the four months. They attempted to reach out to support to see about a credit, and after no answers from Webflow they almost dropped using it all together. They were used to the support I provided them when I hosted the site and custom app. Hopefully Webflow will use the funds to improve the product and support of it.

I nearly had to go down the same road! However, support got back to me today with a promo code for my client to discount a new site plan for them so no one was out of pocket.

Issue resolved!