Webflow's Code and Wordpress CMS

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Is it possible to integrate Webflow (WF’s code) with WordPress CMS ?

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Hi @eliascouvas welcome to the community

You can but it’s not a straightforward process. You can export your Webflow site’s static HTML, CSS, JS and images (https://university.webflow.com/article/exporting-a-site-from-webflow)

After that you’ll need to add WordPress code to make the HTML and CSS a WordPress template.

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Yeah, it’s for sure not a simple process, but my client is so stuck at old technologies. They didn’t even want me to design their website in Webflow. Plus they find Webflow’s hosting prices ridiculous, so I’m trying to prove them that integrating with a WordPress CMS is a waste of time and effort :slight_smile:

Definitely possible. I have a few examples here



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Can you please help me?

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Unfortunately Wordpress theme conversion is too broad for this forum. I suggest googling for tutorials and trying something out first.

You may want to tell your client the benefits of Webflow. See if this helps:


Also, did you show your client the easy-to-use CMS editor?

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After using WordPress for 5 years I have started to use some newer CMS’s thats built to be a CMS while WordPress is built as a blogging platform. These newer CMS’s makes it easier to integrate Webflow exported code.

Can you share a CMS that worked well for you with webflow export? I export to static hosting which is cheap but lacks CMS.

CraftCMS or Statamic are great. They have a templating language you can take your export from Webflow and merge the two. Done manually of course but now you get missing features like search, pagination, users etc.

Now is possible without pay any developer…

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