Easier way to implement Wordpress behind a design?

Hi ! I have a question for web developpers, about implementing Wordpress as the CMS behind your project. I’m a designer and expect to deliver my project design to my web developper for her to put Wordpress behind it (because the client wants it that way). Do you think it will be easier/faster for her to code from scratch from my psd or start from the html/css code that I could export from Webflow ? Thank you.

Hello @oliviermorisse

One important thing that you have to take into account when you’re about to work on project like that is that Wordpress is based in a different platform than Webflow, I’m saying this because even there are some converters or skilled developers out there that can help you with that it’s not easy task.

Other thing that I would suggest take a look at is:

Anyway, whatever you decide if you can share it with the community would be great.

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Thank you Aaron, I read that earlier. I can’t figure how much the difference between the two platforms is a problem or not.

On that particular project I created my design on a Photoshop like (Affinity Designer to be true). My colleague web developper has not so much time to develop it and I was wondering if it would be time saving for her if I do the html/css code with Webflow and then export the code for her. Our client wants to manage his contents with Wordpress and we have no choice on that point…

If you’re friend is a skilled developer then she wouldn’t have any trouble converting an html/css project into a php/wordpress site.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll give it a try that way :slight_smile:

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