How to convert webflow design into wordpress theme

Hey Guys,

I have a client that wants a custom wordpress theme. I really want to design the theme in webflow and convert it into a wordpress website. Does anyone know of a easy way to convert a webflow website into a wordpress theme?

I’ve been pitching my client the Webflow CMS but my client wants to use his own hosting. Is that possible in webflow?

Thank you for the help in advance :slight_smile: Love webflow just wish I could tailor it to my clients goals easier.


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just wondering, did you show your client the easy-to-use Webflow CMS Editor?

With CMS, no.

There are ways, but if you want the kind of easy that Webflow brings… well that’s more difficult. You have different options but if you go the Wordpress way, you’ll be losing one important aspect of Webflow: the easiness of edits and maintenance. You mostly design the site once and then you’ll make later edits directly on Wordpress, because you’re going to modify the code a lot.


  • online services that take your HTML templates and turn it into a CMS theme (WP, drupal etc). That’s all the psd to html kind of services. usually pretty cheap but that’s a one time job, they probably, in most of the cases, won’t later make edits to your theme with newly designed made in webflow (or if they accept, the result can be ugly)
  • google that and search on the forum, you’ll find results and techniques
  • if you really want to make it right and understand it, you can use Pinegrow. It’s a visual editor that you can load WF pages into and make them into a WP template. It’s very WP oriented. The Ui is a bit cumbersome (lists, lists everywhere!). If I had to do it, that’s what I’d try to do, but there’s a lot of WP learning on the way. Basically it’s going to help you inject PHP on all the dynamic parts of your design, and will help you to make the site a theme.

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