Webflow + Zaiper + Airtable + Memberstack

Hello everyone! I have a problem that im trying to solve and I spread it all over the place seeking knowledge and help :slight_smile:

I have a sign-up multistep form( 8 Steps ) on my site, where I let my user put a lot of details on their current homes.
My first Zap is

  1. New Member Signs Up
  2. Add Member to Hoodie Member Webflow CMS Collection
  3. Updating Member with Webflow item ID
  4. Create Record in Airtable

All of this happens in step 1 on the multistep form and works amazing.

The problem that I trying to solve is with the other steps.

the Structure & the design of the rest of the steps are built like
page after page with the button NEXT, the user fills out checkboxes with related flat amenities. (Add picture)

I Want to send the data that I collect from the forms to Airtable. and then back to webflow CMS to present it on the listing page.

and I don’t know how to approach it…

  • I’ve tried to zap only step 2 but Zaiper cannot find my form.
  • I’ve tried to to find something close to what I’m trying to achieve with no success to find
  • I know the I have an option to user airtable form embedded in the site but I want to use my designs …

Please help me out here.
Let me know what you think

Thanks in advance

Here is my public share link:

Hi Liel! Not sure if you’re still trying to solve this problem, but I actually wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about how to send data from Webflow form → Airtable → Webflow CMS: How to (Instantly) Send Webflow Form Submissions to the CMS