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Hey Webflow Community,

I built a site that allows users to submit a form. That form info is sent to airtable then back to webflow as a cms entry. I’m using zapier/airtable to do this and i’ve been successful…

But i’m stuck at this last hurdle, which is to redirect the user to their recently created cms entry in webflow by somehow getting the slug from that record. The slug is accessible in airtable/webflow

Is there a way to do this with zapier?



Yes, but not an especially pretty one.

  • Create a unique slug in your page, before you submit the form
  • Submit the slug with your form
  • Have Zapier use the slug in creating the CMS record
  • On submit, delay for a second or two, to give Zapier time to do its work
  • Now redirect to /my-collection/my-slug

The ugly part is that the only reasonable unique slug I can thing of is a UUID which is long and nasty- and not pretty in your URLs;


A better way is to use Make ( Integromat ). There you can return data from your Webhook as well, and your page can then redirect to whatever new CMS slug was chosen automatically by Webflow.

Whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to be prettier. Also easier to type. And better SEO.
Triple threat.

By chance, I built a toolset yesterday that makes form-to-webhook integrations smoother, and processes Make’s response codes and messages usefully. Have a look and if you like the behavior, you can help me test it in a live use case.

:thinking: if you change your workflow a tad bit it’ll be much easier, and you’ll be successful.

Instead, do this…

Webflow form submit → Zapier → Webflow CMS → Airtable

Airtable is the last step.

The hidden bit of awesome, that isn’t obvious is when you create a CMS item from Zapier, Webflow sends back the slug to your Zap.

Now you know the exact url to redirect to :+1:

The problem with your stack is that Zapier doesn’t redirect the web browser for you.

But a free (formerly Integromat) account does.

Now, the workflow you want to use is…

Webflow form submit → Make → Webflow CMS → Airtable → Redirect user to their new page.

I do this very often and it’s really simple (once you give a try).

To help you…

Here’s a quick screencast walking you through how to redirect the user to their new CMS page - with Make (Integromat):

Here’s a tutorial walking through how to do what you’ve asked for, but with Google sheets instead of Airtable.

Just swap out one for the other, it’ll be easy enough:

Post questions, I’m happy to give answers :slight_smile:

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Thanks Chris!

I have some pretty involved zaps already created on my site. Do you think something like the above example you posted would be replicable with zapier?

If not, i’ll try and transfer everything over to ‘make’ and give it a shot…

I’ve attached my zap, so that it’s a little more clear what I’m trying to do. I failed to mention that i’m creating a member dashboard where they can view the records they create. I use memberstack to create the user accounts.

Step 1: Submit the form
Step 2: Find the member in airtable
Step 3: Create a record tied to that airtable member
Step 4: Create the new CMS record in webflow
Step 5: Retrieve the Webflow ID and update record in Airtable
Step 6: Find the Airtable record again
Step 7: Add the resulting record to a multi reference collection field in the members webflow record (so that I can display this record to the member in their dashboard, for example)

And of course, this last step which you’re so kindly helping me with:

Step 8: After the form submits (and zap completes), redirect them to the record they created.

The trick I used in the past, before Make (Integromat) filled my life with awesome, was to simply use custom code, Javascript to redirect the user from Zapier. It was clunky, but somewhat worked. There are a lot of issues with this approach but I understand switching services is a heavy lift.


Here is a screencast walking through that setup with your stack: How to create unique member dashboards in Webflow (using MemberStack)

Even better…

Since you’re using Memberstack that tutorial shows you exactly how I handle redirecting users to their new dashboard, using Zapier, while relying upon Memberstack.

I’ve used this approach often.


I’m getting really close! thank you so much for the help. I have one step that I am not sure how to replicate in make. Step number 7, where I use the zapier webhooks action to add the form entry (calculator result) into a multi reference field of the member. So for example, if they used the form 3. times, each entry would show up in the members multi reference field. I got it to work with Zapier, but struggling to find the like for like in make:

Thanks Again!


:thinking: hmmm…

If i’m understanding correctly you need to do this in Webflow: Webflow API and Documentation | Webflow

In Make it looks like this:

(Multi)Reference fields are always tricky, though :grimacing: I love to avoid them (if possible).

Thanks Chris,

I did try that first, but it wouldn’t allow me to identify the member i’m trying to update based on the previous actions in my setup. So I ended up using the API and setting to PATCH. Though it works in zapier, make is giving me trouble… I do get the below errors

Maybe its how the JSON is written?

Looks like your reference field isn’t found in the Webflow CMS.

What this value?

You should be able to find it here:

…and what’s the value in your CMS?