Webflow Workshop - Creating CMS items with a Zapier integration

Join us on January 31, 2017 at 10am (pacific)
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Building on the release of our CMS API at the end of December 2016, we’ve now opened up an easy, code-free way for designers and content teams to add items to Webflow CMS from other apps and data sources via Zapier. So now you can take advantage of our API without being a developer!


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**Hi Webflow team, **

Will it be possible in the future to use Zapier to add an existing reference(s) to a webflow collection item?

For ex. Using Zapier — Webflow to webflow zap— create a new collection item containing CMS references added via the selected choice(s) submitted in a 'CMS selector form field? I understand that would mean creating native CMS linked selector capabilities and working with Zapier to accomplish such concept…

I truly believe this will give Webflow a huge unique edge for speedier advanced development + a market increase for e-commerce and community based websites (could be a nice pairing with possible account based features in the future). Please let me/us know what you all have in mind?

Thank you for building such an amazing product!