Webflow Workshop #126: How to use Zapier with your Webflow CMS site

Join us on Tuesday, August 14th at 10am (pacific)
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When you combine the power of Webflow and Zapier, you open a huge door of opportunities. With an integrated “Zap” you can push data from your Webflow forms to another platform, like Google Sheets, or pull data from social media into your Webflow Collections.

In this workshop, we’ll show you how to setup a Zap in Zapier to push and pull data to and from your Webflow project.

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Can this work with submitting images through the upload file option?

I had a question where I was wondering if I could be able to schedule something to go live on a specific date on the website. How would this be done with Zapier? Thanks! :blush:

  • Wilson Impson There is a “Wait” feature in Zapier…
  • Wilson Impson What you could do, is create a Google Calendar for when the posts should go out, then use the “Event Start” trigger to publish when you set the event to start.

Also, Zapier has a killer Education portal, just like another platform I know. :grin:


Ohhhh very cool! Thanks so much for the reply, I’ll explore this :smiley:

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Hey Nelson (@PixelGeek) , your workshops are amazing. Great job!
I have an idea for your next workshop. I would see, how would you build this filtering system (look at the link) with Webflow?
Webflow doesn´t yet have this feature, but maybe there is a way to do it with the Webflow´s tools.

Thank you so much and keep it up!!

Thanks for watching! :smiley:

This type of filtering already has a tutorial created by @sabanna

[TUTORIAL] MixItUp filtering plugin with Dynamic content

Hope this helps