Highlights from Nelson's workshop with Bryant about the Webflow API

Watching @webflowapp workshop offline, with @thepixelgeek and @bryantchou abt API.

The highlights

  • Proof Of Concept demo: use an API key and Zapier to add an item into a CMS collection from a form on a Webflow site
  • items created in the CMS are created in a stage mode and require the site to be published manually to go live
  • http://developers.webflow.com just launched, provides details about the API
  • we’ll soon going to see the API Access section in the General tab of sites’ dashboards. There you’ll be able to generate API Keys (for developers)
  • how to get a site’s ID?
  • with the API, a call will return all sites working with the current token
  • look in the code of the site, in the HTML element custom fields: data-wf-site=“ID”
  • in the future we will be able to modify the structure of the collections with the API

As a conclusion, “lots of doors are being opened”, it’s limited for the moment, API developers try to measure the implications of opening a certain range of features.

Extra info: CMS importer from CSV is in final stage of development (like mass import WP DB in Webflow CMS, within the designer). You won’t need to develop with the API to use this
API starting next week, you need to signup on the beta here:

Useful info:


Just one correction @vincent

The actual link for the developers site is: http://developers.webflow.com

You miss spelt it :wink:


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Thanks! :smiley:


I’m super curious about the integration of the submitting forms in rich text fields. I run an online literary journal and would love to be able to dedicate a section of the website to incoming writing.

Will the Zapier + Webflow CMS integration be able to handle linebreaks?

How about a way for writers to bold, italicize, and format their writing?

Good concern.

I’m having trouble right now to write outside of Webflow and paste RTF into the RT element. Almost everything is OK but the hierarchy of title is never transferred. Basically titles become em or bold.

The easy way to solve the problem would probably be Webflow starting to support markdown input. I was reluctant to use markdown until recently, now I’m kind of ok with it.

I haven’t wrote a Whishlist post yet because I need to do some more tests next week in order to have a clear view of the actual limitations.

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Has enyone any idea when will the Zapier API zap will work?

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