Webflow Workshop - A sneak peek into the Webflow CMS API

Join us on Tuesday, December 13 at 10am (pacific)
[Workshops page]

With the Webflow CMS API you’ll be able to push data in and out of your Webflow dynamic collections. This feature is almost ready and our CTO, Bryant Chou, will giving you a sneak peek at its capabilities during this week’s workshop.



Wooho! (This is the 20-charachter-long-avoidance-messsage.)

Cleared my calendar for this one :slight_smile: @brryant Can’t wait

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Oh I am so hoping for this to be EPIC.

Thanks guys - if you have any questions you’d like me to answer feel free to write them here and :heart: them so we can make sure we can get to them.

  • I would love to hear how this can be implemented with Foxy.
  • Does this give us form advantages. Can we make a register overview, almost like a database?

And of course general use examples combined with third party applications. But I guess thats what the episode is about :slight_smile:


Web Components based? Tech behind the CMS API?

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I hope an integration with Firebase or a similar backend will be discussed tomorrow… that could bring so much power and functionality beyond just pulling content in and out.

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What are The API’s limitations? I am currently very frustrated by the CMS due to it’s inherent limitations as being only a list of articles that can be iterated through…i want to put little pieces of content from the CMS everywhere and anywhere without limitation…i hope that this API will open that up and make it much more powerful, but i’m curious if there are any more limitations that we as designers should be aware of.

Thank you @brryant :slight_smile:

Richard Nash
Los Angeles, CA

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Would it be possible to build a user login and registration system with the CMS API?


Sign up here:

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