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Zapier Works for me! use Zapier to mass import into a collection

Very Happy very Excited: I was worried about a new project where I have to add hundreds of products into a CMS collection for a customer. Just solved in few minutes for free with Zapier integration: very easy (if I did it everybody can do it).

Just made a Zap that involves GoogleSheet + Webflow: prepare a Goggle Sheet with fields name, make a zap that every time that a row is added, a new item will be added to your collection linked.

Then populate your GoogleSheet with rows (= propducts) and your Collection will be automatically populated!

Great Help: thanks to Webflow guys!

(initially I was getting some error “burgle…400 etc”: the googlesheet was not linked anymore. I started again to build the zap and it worked!)


That’s great to know!

I haven’t realized before reading you that we actually DO have an import feature already. Perfect!

Thanks for making that clear for everyone :slight_smile:

Could you rephrase your title to something like “use Zappier to mass import into a collection” ? I’m sure “import” is searched a lot on the forum. That could help others.

:+1: Sure, no problem. BienSur

I’m still getting an issue when trying to post with a category reference.

Any updates on this @vincent ? My entire marketing campaigns are currently blocked because of it… :confused:

Hi on a Webflow free plan does this only import one row?

Would love to see some more Zaps out for Webflow? There’s a big opportunity here to truly automate Websites IN FULL!

Here’s WordPress:

Would love to see just as many, if not more Triggers, Actions, and Searches!

Is everyone here able to send an upvote in?