Webflow work template help

hi all
new to webflow trying to make a website.
I bought a pre existing template, and i am not sure how it works. When i go to collections and update a page of work on the collection, it automtically updates content for every single page, and each page has the same content. Is there a way to unsync that so that each page has its own content. i have been struggling with this for a while and cant figure out why.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jenkisushi can you please attach some photos to make us understand better?

And remember, in order to help you please share the Read-Only Link: Share your site and invite collaborators - Webflow University Documentation

thanks for the reply

Here is the read only link. If you click into the works page, all of it is exactly the same format with the images. I dont know how to change it individually. When I change the images, it changes for all the works page.



that’s how collection template pages work. A change in one of them reflects throughout the rest. They’re used for displaying dynamic content through the CMS and can’t be designed individually.

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Thanks for the reply. Is there any way to design the pages to work indivdually?

The layout, static content, etc are fairly rigidly defined as part of the template
The elements that you bind to the CMS ( purple fields ) will contain your item specific text, images, and some behavior and styling like links and colors.

It’s up to you what you put in the CMS, and what you make static in the template, however the overall concept of a template may be more rigid that what you’re familiar with in some platforms.

However, there are some techniques you can use with conditional visibility to create a decent amount of variation.