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Does a client need a Pro account as well as CMS site plan?

Hi, sorry if this question has been asked before but I’m trying to get a tangible understanding of the billing process, for a client who wants a CMS webflow site…

I see atm as

1 I purchase a ‘Lite’ or ‘Pro’ account plan
2 I purchase a ‘CMS’ or ‘business’ site plan
[3] on sign off, I transfer the site to the client’s ‘CMS’ or ‘business’ site plan (or I’d retain ownership and charge on costs etc)

[4]? As well as a site plan, does the client need their own ‘Lite’ or ‘Pro’ account plan as well to be able to edit content via the CMS? this part I’m unclear on…
I’ve looked at this Explaining the Webflow plans and pricing (2020) - YouTube but I don’t feel 100% clear re q[4] (sorry).

Any clarification would be much appreciated

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If the client is paying for the CMS hosting, they don’t need any other plan.

Awesome! thanks thats what I thought but wasn’t 100% clear thanks!

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