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Unsure of what plan and hosting package to use

Hello Webflow forums, I did my best to search for answers on the forum before posting, so here I am.

This question has arisen due to my confusion stemming from the pricing and plans page. A new client is going to have a previous designer transfer a project to us, the current website doesn’t appear to have any kind of webflow watermark, and since the site is being transferred to us, I’m assuming it was created using the Pro plan @ $35, and therefore we should too?

Then when it comes to hosting I’m assuming we should go with the $16 CMS hosting plan, mainly because that plan offers the editor option, and allows CMS items. How is the editor and CMS items mentioned in that $16 plan differ from the free Webflow editor, are they the same thing?

Additionally, a few months down the road, we may dabble in creating a new second website unrelated to the first transferred website, I’m assuming we could upgrade to do that? Or are the parameters I’ve mentioned already, plug us into a specific plan and hosting package and make that a moot point?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @SomeHack

I would run this past the team mentioning any crucial requirements you have.

At a guess I would say the previous designer has at least a Pro plan if they are able to transfer a site. You don’t have to be on a Pro plan to receive it though.

Re: the ‘Editor’ - that’s the part where a client can make changes to the site without breaking the design. Adding hosting allows you to add collaborators who can also edit with the ‘Editor’. The ‘Designer’ is the main tool for making the site - available even on free plans.

It is even possible to use the Webflow designer for free and set up sites for clients: see @jmw article here:

@Brando or @cyberdave - could you help find the right approach plan-wise, and correct any errors in my thoughts above?

Hope that helps

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Hello @SomeHack!

Great questions, and we’re here to help!

There are two different types of plans: Designer Plans and Hosting Plans.

  • Designer plans are for you, the designer and they do not include hosting or the ability to connect a custom domain.
  • Hosting plans are sold one-per-site, and they allow you to connect a custom domain, but they do not include code export features.

Your Designer Plan will always start for free on the Starter Plan, and you won’t need to upgrade at all for your situation. You will not need the Lite or Professional Plan, and you can simply purchase hosting plans for your websites as needed!

Your second question is a great one! CMS Hosting provides access to CMS features such as collections, content editors, and (recently launched) site search. While you are on the free Starter Plan without CMS Hosting for your website, you will be able to use the Editor - but you will be unable to invite others to collaborate and use the Editor as well.

You’ll be perfectly set with just a CMS Hosting plan for your site, and you can always reach out to us at with any additional question!

P.S. [Chef] @StuM - you’re right on track - thanks for chiming in and being awesome, as always!


@Andrew and @StuM

Thank you both for taking the time to answer my questions, and doing so, so quickly!

After taking a few minutes to digest what you’ve both written here, I’ll continue to address the majority of my questions to the support email.

But just in case some other newbies might see this thread in the future… are the 2 Projects mentioned in the Starter Free plan, referring to 2 individual pages, or two websites?

Thanks again for the help everyone.


Thanks for your quick reply!

The two projects refer to two unhosted websites. Each unhosted on the free Starter Plan is allowed to have two pages. As soon as you purchase a hosting plan for a website, the hosted project will have 100 static pages available.

On the Lite or Professional Plans, you can have more unhosted projects, and each unhosted project can have up to 100 static pages. The Lite and Professional Plans are perfect for freelancers or designers that need to develop multiple sites at the same time before purchasing hosting plans for each one!

Awesome, you totally cleared that up for me, have a great weekend!!

Now if only i could check everyone of these answers as the correct one :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Have a great weekend, too!

Morning Andrew,

Hope you had a nice weekend, I’m backing up a few emails in our previous conversation
so that we can be on the same page (pun very much intended).

We’re looking at the CMS hosting plan, and for right now we’re only looking at working
on two projects (that could increase though), so we thought we’d be able to get away with
the “Free” plan, but the current website looks to be white labeled?

So does that mean that we’ll need to pay for the $35 plan, in order to get white labeling,
even though we’re only needing two sites for now, and that $35 plan gives us MUCH more
than we need right now?


Good afternoon, David!

That’s a great question, and I’m definitely happy to help clarify.

White-labeling refers to branding changes in specific areas related to forms, emails, source code, and staging sites. However, you can remove the “Made in Webflow” badge for any site that has a hosting plan. For your site visitors, this means the website (unless they look deeply into the source code) will not display that it was made with Webflow.

It’s likely that you can stay on the free Starter Plan and simply purchase a new hosting plan for this site. If you don’t need a custom logo for when content editors log into the Editor, a different, unbranded email for form notifications, an unbranded email-unsubscribe link, and modified source code, it’s likely that you don’t need white labeling!

Please let me know if you have other questions – I’m always happy to help!

My Best,


Hi @SomeHack,

When replying via email, it is recommended that you omit/remove your email signature, as it adds unnecessary information to the forum (plus it exposes private information publicly).


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