Webflow with AWS Athena backend

Hi Webflow Community,
We have some Tableau Dashboard Products which we need to migrate to websites.
We are trying to access the capability of Webflow for this purpose and had few questions.

  1. Our dashboards has AWS Athena connections ( SQL tables in AWS) for its data in the backend, would it be possible to connect Athena tables to the Webflow website?
  2. The dashboards consist of several tabular information in form of tables, and line charts, and have several levels of filtering based on the columns. Would it be possible to create those things in Webflow, once the AWS backend is established?

Hi @Niranj_Jyothish :wave: welcome to the forum

I don’t have experience hooking up AWS Athena to Webflow but I have successfully hooked up AWS Lambda to Webflow.

Here is a screencast I created walking through that:

Maybe it’ll give you some ideas?

Hope that helps!