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Architecture to import and show financials performance in a dashboard

Hi, I am fairly new to Webflow and struggling with figuring out what is the best way for me to feed my webflow dashboard with financials data I have sitting in a google sheet and show them as a line chart.

The financials data is pretty large (few thousands lines of data over few years and for a dozen series) and should be updated regularly

What I’m thinking of is dumping the data regularly into airtable, then transfering the data to plotly then webflow or directly to webflow or using chartjs to show the graph.

I’m just not sure what is the most optimised flow and architecture to do this well and I’d love a little bit of guidance.

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so I thought this was an interesting topic, so I did some research and tried a few things.

First I was thinking of using something like tabletop.js to pull in the data directly from Google sheets, but that gave me the typical CORS header error when used through Webflow.

So I tried out the official Google Sheets API, through which I do seem to be able to pull in my test spreadsheet data.

This method will however expose your API key in the front-end code, which may or may not be a problem depending on the type of site you’re making. This would also eliminate the need of Airtable :slight_smile:

Some resources:

EDIT: This method would of course require some basic Javascript knowledge, but since you’re using chart.js I guess you have that :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you very much! Unfortunately these are indeed sensitive data we do not wish to expose :confused: I’m thinking now of just managing .csv files and dropping them in an organised ftp to pull the graphs.