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Webflow website upgrade, why so complicated?

After several weeks spent on trying to get my new updated website, I hit a wall. I just wanted to upload the new website, like I used to with Wordpress.

Webflow is powerful and awesome, but it has a tricky learning curve, and the “no coding” is not so true. Simple things like adding a Vimeo video that can play automatically can be a tough one for the non-coder like me.

Anyway, I am done and all I want is to upload the new website to replace the old one.
But this simple task, has turned into a nightmare: I had paid in July 2019 the renewal of my legacy invoice $192 plus the $5 every month for “hosting”.
I tried to follow instructions from several instructions on their website, I canceled the old website, and tried to set the new one.
But apparently I did something that is “irreversible” according to Webflow customer services and I am told to buy a new plan, but no more legacy for old customers. But I am offered a $15 for this month.
So, how is this possible, that the remaining of my hosting plan paid in July is just…gone?

Does anyone know a straight forwards tutorial on how to go from 1.0 to 2.0?

Webflow also support montly plans (pay per month and downgrade any time you want). The plans are very clear.

It will be better to add specific q:
“How to transfer site a to project x” and so on.

Like LinkedIn, Netflix, Adobe cloud or any other monthly plan - if you start on 1.1.2019 and cancel on 15.1.2019 - the plan ends on 30.1 (monthly plan. Not dayli).

From my experience when you upgrade its very very simple (one click) - on yearly plans webflow calculate the price for you.

Thanks @ Siton_Systems for sending those links, very useful.

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