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Account plan vs site plan for old user who was on legacy

I read several posts on the subject “Account plan vs site plan” and I am still confused, many hours later.

  1. Since 2016, I used to have my only website on Webflow (my portfolio) and I was paying $192/year plus a fee of $5/monthy for hosting my domain name

  2. This month, I created a new website and I was ready to just swap the old with the new one. But I clicked at the wrong places, got confused and I am stuck since then, waiting 24 hours for each response from CS at Webflow.

  3. I have been exchanging emails with Webflow customer Service, but it’s still confusing, as the proration is a headache, not getting a straight answer.

  4. So, I am trying to figure out, from my (cancelled) legacy plan, which one to get, Account Plan vs Site plan? Nowhere on this page they list the cost of hosting the website domain name? I used to pay $5 a month. Is it included in an y of those plans? I don’t use CMS. Here is my new webflow website

Please, if any of you has an understanding or comparable situation, would love to hear your solution. I have been dealing with their customer service for 6 days now, still unclear, still waiting to publish my new website.

@rafdesign ah the confusing plans strike again :slight_smile: .
I wasn’t around when the old plans were so I’m assuming by ‘hosting your domain name’ you do mean actual hosting, so you paid Webflow to host your domain? Not just to have it connected to webflow?
If there was a fee to use a custom domain (ie rather than, then that’s gone now. It’s included in any plan, as long as you own your domain name and host it with namecheap, godaddy or any of the other domain registrars out there.
An account plan can be free, the paid account plans include things more suitable to agencies and freelancers. If it’s just your own website, then get a free plan.
A site plan is currently $144 for the ‘basic’ plan, that doesn’t include the CMS but then you’re not using that so just a basic plan is all you need.
Sorry to hear support isn’t sorting this out for you fast enough. They are super helpful but maybe a little understaffed at the moment?
If you’d like me to clarify further, do let me know!

Yep, the oldest topic of those forums! :slight_smile:
I’ve never understood why I was paying this “special fee” $5 for exactly. I was told since 2016, since my domain name (through that I had to pay this fee. Webflow is hosting my website.
I am sending to you a screen grab of my $5 I have been paying since 2016

It sounds like you’re saying that if I go for the “Basic” plan of $144 (no CMS) I would be set and I would be able to only pay $144 a year? Instead of that I was paying $192 + $60 ($5 x12 months special fee). And there is for sure no more special fee for using my domain name while hosted on Webflow servers?

How come?!? Now I am very intrigued, because Customer Service never mentioned this.

@rafdesign :thinking: I do know that the domain fee used to exist. It’s now included in the price though. So it was a fee to allow you to use a custom domain, got it.
I’m just not sure why you paid more on legacy than the new plan? I wonder if CMS was included on your old plan? Like I said, I’m pretty new round here so I can’t fully say.
So if you don’t need the CMS, then the fee would be $12/month if you paid for the whole year, so $144/year or $15/month if you paid monthly.
Not sure why customer service didn’t mention that. I do wonder if you had certain perks on legacy?
I’m just a volunteer here so don’t quote me on anything :wink:

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@sarahfrison you’re being very helpful! thank you. Merci!
Back in 2016, I was confused and I followed their advice on what to pay so I ended paying $192 a year plus $60, so a total of $252 a year. I never used any CMS, I never really understood what this additional fee was for exactly.
To be honest, I don’t know why it’s so complicated: it’s taking 24 hours for each email and I am repeating the same question over: how to proceed for the proration.
But I think you’re making more sense… and I should move forwards and hope they’ll go through this proration later.
Yes, I am a little frustrated: I’ve spent 7 weeks on my latest website. Webflow is amazing. But I would return to Wordpress in a second or SquareSpace if I didn’t have to deal with all this complicated billing.