Downgrading site plan, adding new site plan, same client

Hey there

I rebuild a website last year for a client to help them fast. It has a site plan since november 2022. (Webflow CMS, yearly paid, $275,-

Now i have build a new website in Webflow, much bigger and better. It will go live this week. We have already paid for the CMS plan last year on the first website. Can i downgrade the first website, and add a new CMS site plan to the new website? Or do i have to pay double :frowning: Or are there any other options to migrate the new website to the excisting site plan.

Please let me know! Thanks in advance.

cheers, Dorus

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The webflow University includes a page the details how to transfer a site plan. You should find it there if you search for “transfer site plan”. There are also numerous posts here in the forums as well.

Thanks Jeff! Will look at that