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Confused about upgrading my account

I’m completely confused by all the different pricing pages. I would like to upgrade to a paid account so I can create a site more than 2 pages. However, I cannot make out which account I should sign up for. It’s too confusing.

If there’s anyone on here, who is on the Webflow team, that can give me some input I’d be grateful.


Hi @deahar

It can be confusing at first! I’ll try and help…

Essentially there are two elements to the pricing:

  1. Designer plans
  2. Hosting

You can design a site using these Designer plans:

  • Free (limited to 2 sites, 2 pages, until you add a hosting plan)
  • Lite (10 sites plus other benefits over free plan)
  • Pro (unlimited sites plus other benefits over free and lite plan)

You can publish sites to a webflow .io domain for testing or keep them there if you wish…

Or to publish to a custom domain, you need to add Hosting:

  • Basic (no CMS - so just for static pages)
  • CMS (make use of Webflow’s powerful and flexible CMS)
  • Business (for BIG sites)

So whether you have a free or paid Designer plan, you still add Hosting on top…

Hope that helps - more detail and official terms on the pricing page here:

Be sure to read full details there (i’m not Webflow staff) as i’ve done my best to explain the plans as I understand them. Email for further clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

@cyberdave @waldo - correct me if needed :wink:


Thanks StuM.

So if I understand you correctly, I need to buy a Lite Designer plan @ $16 per mo (because I need more than 2 pages) and the CMS hosting plan @ an additional $16 per mo (because I want more than just static pages).

Is that about right?

It’s actually possible, according to @jmw blog post, to add CMS hosting when on the free designer plan:

Essentially, you would have a free designer plan, make some initial pages and collections, and when you want to flesh out the rest of the project, add CMS hosting - giving you more allowance…

(just in case of confusion - adding hosting doesn’t mean you need the full site ready for publish - it means it’s ready when you are, for publishing to a custom domain)

Hope that helps - like I say contact the team for official clarity before taking the plunge :slightly_smiling_face:

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or you can upgrade to a plan that allows you to export the site

  • and can host the site anywhere you want

but of course… that plan costs a bit more…

  • and you still need to pay for hosting elsewhere.

That’s the attraction of hosting with Webflow.

And exporting the website also means… you cannot add the Webflow CMS onto your plan
– since that requires hosting with Webflow.

And then… if you need “databases”…

  • Webflow offers the “CMS” upgrade.

While their CMS is not an absolute - 1 for 1 - replacement for a “real database”

  • it does remove the need for knowing complex php and sql code.

That’s the attraction of their CMS.

My plan allows me to export my sites…

  • Obviously, then I must also host my own websites.

If you are interested in the Plan that allows you to export

  • the code comes out very clean.

EDIT: oops. I re-read what @deahar… said… so OP’s probably more interest in the CMS than exporting.

Thanks to all for your feedback!!

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