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Hi all,
So I created a layout in Webflow for a client with the intention of exporting the code for them to implement into a bootstrap based CMS. (They just asked me about the bootstrap aspect btw)

I have tried selling them on the fact that webflow has a reliable CMS but they want it so that they can do add/edit in bootstrap.

I have just learned that Bootstrap and Webflow are not compatible and are different in frameworks so now I’m wondering if anyone out there knows any fix to this?


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Hi @andreswaby :slight_smile:,

Unfortunately Webflow does not support bootstrap.

I had this same issue, and ended up hiring a developer that knows bootstrap to my team. I’m sure we can help out shoot me your email address.

Hey @mikhailarden,
You can contact me at swaby.andre@gmail.com
Here’s a link to the project in question

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