Problems hosting exported code

I created a website on webflow but my client only wants html files. but when I forwarded them the exported code they said “contain proprietary javascript code from webflow that is only usable with webflow”

was that true? and is there a way to make my project a bootstrap project?

bec they also said this:

“We need him to send us clean code with no webflow dependencies or send the project back as a bootstrap project.”

Thanks for the help.

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Webflow exports your project assets (no CMS, form processing, logic, and membership functionality since those are only available on Webflow hosted projects). Your Webflow design is rendered by the CSS files included which allow the pages to render in your browser as you designed them. Also included is the core Webflow JavaScript files that Webflow uses to provide component functionality that powers menus, animations, tabs, etc… and the html files reference this as well.

When you say Bootstrap are you referring to the X bootstrap library? If the requirement is to deliver a Bootstrap site you would need to rebuild it using that library manually with a code editor. There is no “export to Bootstrap” functionality. The only relationship that Webflow has to Bootstrap is that the core CSS was loosely based upon it (3x). But that won’t help you now.

If I had missed the requirements as stated, then I would have to build this from scratch or leverage a developer tool like Pinegrow which supports BS to recreate the project. I am fluent in Boostrap 3.x - 5.x so I could knock this down myself. If you are not you might consider hiring a developer who is. If the requirements did not state what they are saying then you might have a different approach.


Thanks for the insight Jeff, their main concern is it’s not working when they host the exported code on their own hosting platform, which I believe they figured out themselves. Thanks again.