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Webflow to Bootstrap integration

Hi all! I’ve had a look on the forum and it seems like this has been discussed but it’s been awhile ago so not sure any of the latest updates to Webflow has made the process easier to export Webflow sites to be built in the Bootstrap environment?

I’m new to Webflow and have just tried building a very simple two page website (on the free plan). My developers build on Bootstrap and we found there is a disconnect between the two. Is there a workaround or solution to this? or would I need to be on one of the paid plans?

Any help or advise if greatly appreciated.

ps: I’m not a coder😁

While Webflow’s core CSS seems to have been based off of Bootstrap some time ago (3x I think), it is not Bootstrap. Webflow exported sites use the CSS you generate. So either your developers toss your CSS code and duplicate it using BS and custom CSS or they toss Bootstrap and implement what is exported.

Thank you Jeff, I appreciate your reply. I found a “workaround” here but not sure if it works or suitable. Have you come across this before?

I have looked at it. All it does is add an old 4.0.0-beta.3 bootstrap CDN link to the head, then goes through a bunch of elements and removes Webflow class names and adds similar BS ones in their place. Your developers could use this script as a map to convert to BS but I would never use the script if I was converting a site in production.

Thanks Jeff, good to know. Like I said I’m new to Webflow and am not a coder. I’m basically trying to bridge the gap between the design I create in XD and development by creating key pages in Webflow to show the developers how the page looks and styles plus how it works in responsive mode.:+1:t2:

When I convert a Webflow design to different backend It is a one-way street. Once converted, I maintain designs in code. A reason I use GSAP instead of IX2 for animations, namely maintainability. I wish you success with your project.

Thank you Jeff! Have a nice day!