Webflow Templates for SaaS marketing website

I’m helping a client out with their marketing site and considering using Webflow for it.

The client wants to use a template, but I’ve heard that some of the templates have issues around how the CSS classes are structured, which could cause problems as the site scales.

Are there any specific template creators that are known for high quality CSS structure and organization?

Would anyone advise against using templates for a site that the client plans to scale over time?

Hi @fdmike :wave: welcome to the forum.

I don’t know any specific templates, off hand that are well known for this. But maybe I’m just not aware of them.

What I would suggest is thinking about something like Finsweet’s client first structure.

That falls inline with you needs.

You could then go search for some templates or cloneables and see if anything works for you.


There are also things like this that build off of client-first: https://library.relume.io/

Hope that helps!

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Hi @ChrisDrit - thanks for those suggestions. I did recently hear about Relume. I will check those links out, have a bit of learning to do :facepunch: