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Designing Templates

Hello, I am a graphic designer and I have spent the last 5 days digging into this program, it is amazing by the way! I would be interested in designing some templates for you guys if you are looking for someone to do so. I’d gladly do this in exchange for the ability to have unlimited websites in my account (no hosting) haha. I’m sure you have had many interested parties so I won’t hold my breath but I thought I would put my name in the hat. I am insanely excited about this and so proud to be an early adopter! This is going the change the way designers like me work on websites, so much so that I stopped my training regimen for tutorial videos on learning advanced CSS! Keep up the amazing work!!

Here’s my first webflow website in progress for a local restaurant temporarily hosted on my domain

P.S. also interested in being a beta tester…like fanboy interested!!

Dave Finkelstein

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Sweet Dave! Shoot an email to and we’ll continue our conversation there. Thanks for reaching out and sweet site!

Hey, I am not sure if this is the right place to start this topic, but when I searched for creating a good restaurant website, this thread popped out. Anyway, I am focusing on building my website, and seeking for tips regarding design, sections, navigation bar ideas etc. I created my website using this template: I like that it is responsive, it has nice images etc. Of course, there is much more to do in order to make my website the best :slight_smile: so I would like to head some advice! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @janejohnson718 - use the New Topic button in the upper right corner to create a new topic seeking advice. I recommend you put it in the Design Help category to get the most exposure to the people who will be able to help you. Also, be sure to choose a clear title and you’ll get plenty of feedback.

See here:

The blue button in the upper right corner found on this page.