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Awesome Templates?

I’m a freelance designer, and I’ve been working on Webflow for a while now, just trying it out, and messing around with different cloned sites, making my own, etc. I’m on a strictly free plan, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a free template or website I could clone for my site.
I had one I made in Webflow for a while, but I kept changing the templates, messing around with the design, and constantly remodeling it. I’m not looking for a portfolio site, more of a place I could showcase a bit of my work and my sites, and have people hire me.

Well, there’s not really that many free templates in Webflow’s template shop: so you might just have to browse these to see what suits. Also, the free plan has a restriction of 1 static pages per project, so you’ll just have to see if you can even use templates that have more pages… Of course there is always the Webflow showcase with cloneable projects… you can search for cool sites others have done here:

That said, if you’re serious about letting people hire you for your service - why not purchase a paid plan + a premium template and get it all set up nicely! Good luck with everything & merry Xmas!