Webflow sync inventory - Google data feed - id not matching

Hi Webflower’s,
I wanted to share a tip with anyone coming across a similar issue I had with our google ad campaigns that were dynamic product ads synced to our Webflow ecommerce site.
Our ad team noticed that when out products were coming through the webflow > Google merchant integrated feed, there was a discrepancy with the id.

So what we found was that there was a unique id ‘data-commerce-sku-id’ coming through the ‘sync inventory - Google data feed’ that isn’t the ‘SKU’ or the ‘collection id’ I’m not sure if this is because that we have variants on all our products so the SKU is no longer the id or it is just how the sync works but we couldn’t get a match with in our product id’s.

The ‘data-commerce-sku-id’ looks very similar to the collection id so it made a bit harder to figure it out but we could see in the code of the unique id coming through that was not anywhere in the collection/product item fields in webflow. So what we did is made a custom field ‘data-commerce-sku-id’ and added in the unique id coming through the sync for each of the products.

Then we had added in some code to the product template page to pass the information through:

  gtag('event', 'page_view', {
    'send_to': 'AW-780074975',
    'value': '(using webflow dynamic field we added in the price field)',
    'items': [{
      'id': ' (using webflow dynamic field we added in the data-commerce-sku-id field)  ',
      'google_business_vertical': 'retail'

This helped sorted out the id match with the sync.

I hope this helps anyone with the same issue, also sorry for the lack of technical info but it was worked out with a few people and I have just written this with what was done to fix but not a great explanation of why it was happening.