Webflow E-Commerce Facebook Integration

When you integrate facebook via the webflow API for E-Commerce, the following errors are returned: product is missing fields (google_product_category, inventory). Since the current inventory is not being parsed and passed correctly to Facebook, my Facebook shop is showing all products as Out of Stock.

What can I do to fix this?

It seems that webflow has to change the shape of and/or fix how their API is sending product data to Facebook.

Hey @grrronline, please share your read-only link.

The warning for missing google_product_category is known and does not affect the product sync. Inventory quantity is not synced with Facebook. What you should see is either in-stock or out-of-stock status being passed along.

Pass along your link and I’ll take a look over your project. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for taking a look. For some reason, the products are showing In-Stock in the products section of Facebook, but when I visit the actual shop, it is showing all products as Out-of-Stock.

Checkout the store as well…

The products in Facebook’s shop (Front-Facing to all users) are still showing out of stock, but showing in-stock when I view the products directly from the upload (Admin view).

Did you get a chance to look at my project? I sent the read only link yesterday…

Hey @grrronline

From what I can tell, products with variants on the site have quantities of 0 and non-variant products have inventory tracking disabled. Is this correct? This would be why they show as out-of-stock in FB.

If you’d like to send me copy of the data-feed-url from the ecommerce settings, I can take a look at it to verify it. You can post it here or in a direct message if you like. Also of note, the feed only updates when you publish the site.

Also, I’d like to point out that syncing products is for the purpose of running ads. Visitors that click on the ads will be taken to that product’s page in your site to make the transaction. Variants will show up as individual products in FB. This is by design as inventory and ads can be different per variant of a product. There is a piece of data in the feed that tells FB which variants are part of a group.

Let me know if this makes sense.

The direct data-feed for the Facebook Integration: https://webflow.com/api/sites/5a27348cd9496700017b57f9/facebook-feed.csv?token=427ba5e0987ee488822cf509e42790d14a45de2ce19682ed

That screenshot of the variants of the GRRR Crew socks is inaccurate. All of our variants have current quantity of inventory and the inventory is being tracked. See attachment!

You are correct! However, you are wrong as well. Since inventory quantity is not being passed, Facebook has a double check in place that converts the products in the shop from in stock to out of stock. So in the product catalog, it shows the product as in stock, but when a user looks directly at the shop, all products are shown as out of stock because inventory is zero for each product. Can you see this?

Hey @grrronline

It’s possible to open the data feed url and then download as a CSV file. Then you can open it up in a spreadsheet app such as Excel, Numbers, or Sheets. When I do that I can see all of the products are reported as in stock except for these ones.

This is how the Facebook data feed works.
If a product has any amount of inventory, Webflow puts in-stock for the availability field.
If a product has no inventory amount, Webflow puts out-of-stock for the availability field.
There is no inventory field supplied to Facebook.

The reason for that is that it is only possible to purchase items from the Webflow site. The purpose of the integration with Facebook and Google Merchant are for running ads. The Facebook integration also allows for products to be tagged on a connected Instagram business account. We already have an enhancement in the works to clarify this on the Ecommerce integrations panel. I apologize if there was any confusion about what is possible through this integration.

Here are the university links pertaining to this matter.

All the products are showing out of stock in the shop catalog, when in fact, they are showing in-stock in the products feed. Why is that?

Please see above comment. :point_up:

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I’m having a similar issue with the qty reported as 0. Not a biggie, but if you do want to have a facebook store, it makes it impossible. Please note that on my project all variants have assigned inventory and it’s being tracked. Seems like an issue with data feed?

Further to my earlier note–see attachment.

And my site link:


I know this is an old thread but I wanted to update for anyone else who picks this up by googling as I searched high and low and couldn’t find anything relevant.

I’ve come up with a little bit of a hack which got it working for me!

In Facebook Catalogue Manager > Product data sources > Settings
Add a rule to set the inventory to 10 or whatever you like.

Now your Facebook store should show all your items that are in stock, items that are not in stock will still not show as they are marked as out of stock which seems to override this.

Note: This didn’t sync right first time for me I think Facebook had a little hiccup processing the rule, but on refresh/re-sync it’s all gravy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Got this email (screenshot attached), in case it helps. Also adding a CSV export of the FB Catalogs manager.

Thank you!


Hey @diegokolsky Did you end up finding a solution for this? I’m getting the same " google_product_category" message.

Trooping on with Webflow e-commerce :metal:



Hey @Kaleb I didn’t find a solution, and haven’t tried again. Sorry, no news to report, but please share if you do find a fix. Thank you!

@matthewpmunger I get these errors trying to sync product catalogue with Facebook.

It says “Make sure that you have override information for each item in a separate column labelled “Override”. Include ISO codes for country overrides and locales for language overrides.”

How do I do that?