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Enhanced ecommerce tracking issue in order views (not set Events)

Dear Webflow-Team,

I am in the process of setting up enhanced e-commerce tracking for a client’s shop. Now the product performance in the google analytics tab looks a bit weird to me and I might know why already.
As you can see below, I have some test orders and they go through correctly. But there are no views on the products itself. Instead a lot of „not set“ events

Now if I change the view and go to shopping behavior > product SKU, I know why:

There are 2 SKUs for each Product defined.
Now if I go on one of my product detail pages and search for those IDs I find the following:


Ok, so the „data-commerce-product-id“ is also used for the gtag event „view-item“ as you can see here:
gtag(‚event‘, ‚view_item‘, {‚items‘: [{‚id‘: ‚5f26e3fbdcab28276c974d03‘}]});

I guess the “data-commerce-sku-id” is therefore defined for the purchase/add-to-cart data. But we should only use one ID for those tracking purposes or am I missing something? Otherwise, we see this mismatch in the data. Can you please have a quick look? If I am correct this seems like an easy fix.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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