Syncing Inventory on Webflow Website with Facebook

Hi, I have synced my Webflow Ecommerce story with Facebook but the inventory is not syncing. Can someone please help with this? Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Diamond White Website

Hi @Kadeem_Clarke, thanks for your post, I would first check the main steps of setting up the product data set sync on this page: Sync products to Facebook Catalog Manager | Webflow University

The Product Inventory is not included to the data feed, so it is not yet possible to setup a Facebook shop yet the info at the moment is for Dynamic Ads.

Thanks for the reply! It’s already synced. I think the wording on the Webflow platform is a bit deceiving, it makes it seem like inventory syncing is possible. This language is also present in the support documentation on the website…Will it automatically change the inventory numbers on Webflow when a sale is made on Facebook?