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Double-check your Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID and try again


I was trying to integrate analytics to a site, but I am getting the following error when I enter my tracking ID:

Double-check your Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID and try again.

My ID is in the G-XXXXXXXXXX format if that matters.

The account I am setting up is still awaiting mail confirmation. So would that be why it isn’t accepting my ID?

Thanks and I can provide more information if needed. :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi, having the same issue ! I found it was due to a recent update of Google Analytics not providing Universal Tracking ID anymore. Any info on managing the integration ? Urgent needs as well !



Facing the same issue.

Yeah me too. Any updates anyone?

So from my understanding. There no longer is universal ID’s through google analytics.

So you have to copy the g.tag.js code (which will include your tracking ID) and enter it into the head section of your website under custom code.

I hope that is helpful to everyone. :slight_smile:

Thanks devmasterdev, I made some steps whilst I was doing it to help anyone else who stumbles across this with the New (2020) Google Analytics. Just to show exactly where everything is. Even with your help it still took me a while to find everything!

Go to Admin on your google analytics account.

Select Data Streams

Click through to more on the data stream for your site.

Open up google site tag.

Copy google site tag.

Paste into Custom Code section in the projects settings on your Webflow account.

Save changes head back to google analytics and you should see data start to come through once you publish the changes to your site.


Nicely done mintykiwi

It worked!! Thanks @mintykiwi

Thats great. Devmasterdev with the original info, but glad you found my step by step useful!

THANK YOU!! I think this should be included in the Webflow documentation as well. :sunglasses:

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No worries at all. Glad I could help!