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Webflow-Supported Video Hosting Sites

Hey Webflow-ers!

I’ve been searching around, but can’t seem to find a solid answer on other video-hosting options beyond YouTube and Vimeo…

I’m looking for other solutions where I can put my videos, and then bring them into my site using the Video element (not looking for Background video).

I’ve tried using CloudApp, Dropbox, and Google Drive, but none of those work when I put the link into the Video Element. I always get this error:


Looking for Youtube and Vimeo alternatives…

The video component is only compatible with Webflow and Vimeo.

What those services do is way beyond than just storing a video file. It’s storing multiple formats for multiple use and serving them right for streaming.

You can use Clidapp, Box, Dropbox and Gdrive to store video files you’ll use with a Custom Code component to declare HTML5 video players. But you’ll see that you need to prepare 3 formats for each video (mp4, m4v, ogg…) to address various brothers and platforms. It’s not so simple.

You can search HTML5 video in this forum to get help on how to craft code and prepare media.

Yeah you can use any video hosting site. Upload the video, then add into Webflow with the “Embed” component using their embed code they give. That’ll work as well. Use the HTML component.

I use Smugmug for my professional photography and videos. I would think you should be able to just hyperlink to the video. Smugmug is very reasonable and you get unlimited dta.

Hello, Vimeo does not work to view the embed code… please can you tell me how because what you suggest does not work for me.

I want to view a video from a google drive or onedrive but vimeo is also ok, but I want a test with an external video without youtube… You can do the test by the video of downloading… and uploading to an other dataserver… please try it out.

Thx webflow-team
Karel (teacher webdesign)

What’s not working exactly? What do you do with the Vimeo embed code? In the video fields, you can’t use embed code, only URL of the page of the YT or Vimeo video. If you want to use embed code you need a custom code element inside of Webflow.

hello, can you see what I mean
my preview

my video

I found some information but not enough

Thanks to help me