Video embedd NOT from youtube or the like

Hi there!
I do not want my video hosted on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. So I tried to have it uploaded from my harddrive (found out it’s not possible) and then I thought if there is a server address needed indeed, I upload the video to my webserver and take it’s address -> does not work either.

Is it really true I MUST use a platform like YouTube or such? Please tell me I do not have to. Just starting with webflow - and video embedding is essential to me. If that’s not doable, I need to leave webflow before I have even started.

Help is most appreciated.

You can upload your own videos to any public URI you control and use the browsers (HTML5) video controls to display the video. You just can’t upload video to Webflow (exception is background videos). Just takes a little custom code.

It is best to host video on a CDN for performance reasons. There are plenty of quality CDN providers you can use. Just spend a little time with Google/Bing/.

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