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External Videos do not work in YouTube or Vimeo Widgets

I have tried links from google drive or from drop box, which the settings were public and for everyone to see. But I keep getting link error and even tried as I saw one of the webflowers try in one case, but I didn’t work?

I looked at the info at the videos tab, but it didn’t say what videos link you allow and what not, so what are specs for videos? :D?

so what are specs for videos?

Vimeo and youtube links. Other videos have to be added with HTML5 or JS code with the HTML widget

I have for now added vimeo links. But would like to customize the videos more, so for the future it would be nice to embed other videos. How would I go about doing that with html5 or js code within webflow? @vincent

Start here and don’t forget you need 3 types of media to address all browsers and mobile:

To go further, a google search on “HTML5 video” will bring you litterally tons of procedures, tools and good advices.

On this forum, you can also find great help about HTML5 background video, just search “html5 video”