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Webflow SSO with AD/Azure

Hi all,

Looking to introduce Webflow to a client. They have a few users but the IT team would like to use their user accounts on Active Directory (on Azure) to access Webflow instead of managing user credentials in Webflow.

Is it currently possible for Webflow to integrate with ActiveDirectory/Azure using SSO?

I see an “Login in with SSO” page on the webflow site but not sure how that works.

Any information of what’s currently possible would be much appreciated.

Depending on your clients size, Webflow’s new Enterprise options allow for SSO. You can reach out to the Enterprise Team here for more information:

The login with SSO option is for Google Sign In, so will not work with Azure AD.

Thanks Drew.

I did see the login with Google Sign In on the login screen but there is also the following link:

I wasn’t sure if that was something different and could’t find documentation for that. Too be fair it’s a bit confusing.

I’ll reach out to enterprise and webflow support and see what’s available.

Hi -Just wondering if you heard anything back from the enterprise team re: SSO with Azure AD.

Thank you!