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Sentry Login + Webflow? Securing a section of Webflow site


I’ve heard that Sentry Login ( could potentially work well with Webflow.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Would it be possible to completely password protect a section of a website, using multiple logins, with this section also encompassing the Webflow CMS so that each page within this section including all pages in the CMS are totally encrypted and secure?

@cyberdave Do you think Sentry Login could work?

Is this feature coming to Webflow in the near future?

Would be good to hear from you all!




Hi @DanUK1, thanks for letting me know. I am not familiar with Sentry Login, but looking at their docs, it should work :slight_smile:

I will need to test this out. I do not have an ETA for a native solution yet. This looks pretty good though.

I have reached out to their team for some more details :slight_smile:

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whoa. this looks interesting. i may want to test this out as well.

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I have used it on other platforms. Works really well. I suggested this as a solution a while back where someone was exploring password protected sites. I have yet to use it with webflow however.

Although I would MUCH rather have a native Webflow password protection setup, Sentry looks like it might get the job done and hold me over until a native solution is implemented.

I signed up for Sentry, but I am unsure where to put the Sentry code. The code required exceeds the 5120 character limit.

Has anyone integrated Sentry yet? If so, any tips.


Try uploading your code snippet to dropbox, AWS or Github.

Thank You. I will give it a try.

Did anyone look into this deeper and successfully implement Sentry Login with Webflow?
Any examples?

Hi Dan,

Yeah, actually I started working on a site and got it implemented, I am nearing completion to put in my discover profile, I will ping you, when it is up.



That’s great! Looking forward to it!

It is a little different, in that the way it works, it is a form embed, and the login form can be styled in Webflow, but there are other parts where you need to copy html from the webflow site and “create” a template for your signup pages on the site.

So it is not exactly drag and drop if you know what I mean.

I was working on a way to make it easier, and a 1. 2. 3. step-by-step :slight_smile: I’ll ping you when ready.


That sounds good.

Once the login details are entered, Is it possible to have beyond this secure pages that are styled and created in Webflow and the Webflow CMS?

Yep, that is possible. I am creating site with all needed core parts :wink: coming very soon to discover :wink:


@cyberdave Thanks so much for doing this! If you don’t mind, I’d be interested in seeing your implementation too.

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Hey @cyberdave could you send me a copy as well of your example when it is complete? Thanks!

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Hi @cyberdave

Many thanks for your help on this. Any update on progress here would be helpful though. My client is getting to the point of needing the site launched very soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @cyberdave – a client of mine has recently asked for a login area for a site I am building in web flow so this has suddenly become something I would be very interested in too :slight_smile:

In particular I’d like to be able to conditionally show webflow CMS generated page elements depending on wheterh or not a user was logged in/registered. I realise this may be a step too complex for webflow’s current setup, but it would be great to see what is possible with using sentry with webflow and a walk through of how to get it set up.

Many thanks

Thank you so much for this! I would like to see the implementation as well if possible. I already have a Sentry Login account but am having trouble implementing it… Thanks!