User (Dealer) Log-in with CMS/Webflow

I apologize ahead if this is already on the forum or has been previously asked. I can’t really do a whole lot of research right now, this stupid “full-time work” thing is in the way.

My question is can we have the ability to have users log-in to see a custom page set with their own pricing of products or available information only for them to see? For example I am creating a website for a local cabinet company, their competition has a dealer log-in to where that specific dealer only views what is in their product scope (pricing, availability, etc.)

Has anyone built anything similar to this in Webflow?

As always thank you guys!


It’s not possible with Webflow at this moment. You have look at I’ve built a test site with that hosted on webflow servers but I have not finished that project yet. It’s a little tricky but doable. I had to host some files my self and it needs some copy 'n paste of code and some altering of code.

I also found these but have not tried them

Could you create pages with username and password log-in’s?

Yes, pages or content can be protected depending on who’s loged in. At the Userapp admin you can assign users with different permissions.

Can that be accomplished in Webflow - If I am correct, I believe I noticed this in Webflow? Maybe I am wrong?

You can’t protect pages and content in that way with Webflow tools only, you have to use external tools like Userapp, but it can still be hosted with webflow using Userapp.

As a side note, one thing that bugged me when using Userapp inside Webflow was that with anguarjs you need to use custom attribut in the designer and sometimes only thing needed is value. But in Webflow jus must enter both value and name. It would be alot easier if that was possible. I contacted staff about this and they said they look in to it but couldn’t promise anything.

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