Login, password and security controlled site?


I need to develop a website that has a login and password protected section. The login details would be different for multiple users.

In addition, all the pages on the site beyond the password protected section (driven by the CMS) need to be security controlled, so for example, someone couldn’t just stumble across the page by accident.

Is this possible with Webflow or by implementing another platform within the Webflow site?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



Does anyone here have any knowledge/ views about this?


This is not yet available but something we may be working on in the future :smiley:

Thanks @PixelGeek

Do you know if I would be able to incorporate a system into the Webflow platform that would make this work?

Or would I need to build a site in Webflow, export it and then get a developer to work on the security side of it?

Or any other workarounds?

At this time you’ll need to export the site and add in your own security functions.

Rumors say you can intergrate with firebase. :joy:

Hi @cyberdave

Did you ever look further into this? … just came across this post from a while ago:

Would my requirements, as stated above, work with firebase? I have actually contacted firebase and they said it could work with Webflow, but they wouldn’t know how to do it.

Any thoughts :smile: ?

Maybe @bart could help :innocent:

I’ve actually managed to do it inside a Webflow hosted site with UserApp

The files needed I hosted myself and called them inside webflow.

The the test site I did is kind of crappy right now. Need to fix it. It was totally possible though :grinning:


From my side, it’s not just the multiple login and password details that are of importance for the website I need to build, it is the total security of the pages beyond the login that is needed too. Does UserApp enable that?

I was using angular but you can use other methods availble from their site. So if everything is set up right, if I add code in the custom attributes to the body in the designer Name: ng-show Value: user.authenticated that page cannot be accessed if you are not logged in to the site. You can use it to hide elements aswell. You can (but I never got the hang of it) redirect visitors to that page to another page if they are not logged in. One draw back is that some of the functionality only needs to fill only value but Webflow designer need both value and name. So then you need to use custom embeds and then it’s harder to work in my opinion. But still doable.

If its secure? Don’t know really, someone who knows code and security has to confirm that.


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