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Webflow site on own server; usability

Hi there!

I’m on the edge of buying a webflow license, there’s only one thing holding me back.
Do exported webflow sites still rely on webflow existing to work? in other words are there linkbacks to webflow’s services in code exports, that will, if webflow stopped existing, not work?
Thanks in advance and stay safe!

Nope. Once you got it exported it is not relying on WF as far as I can tell. There was an issue of forms being still processed with WF servers but that was long fixed.

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Quick correction: Webflow does not provide form processing on self hosted sites. Users need to leverage a third party form processor.

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Yes, that’s what meant - the issue was that wf was still processing forms through its service even after export, remember the whole commotion? So by fixed I mean that they do not anymore :slight_smile: