Does anyone here use the export facility & host on their own servers?

As the question says:

does anyone here use the export facility & then host on their own servers?

i’m looking for a response from anyone who does this - someone who mainly uses the webflow builder to create fluid pages and then modifies the page content after exporting.

anyone? There doesn’t seem to be any official email to ask question prior to purchasing a plan.

rsvp is always there to answer you, and I guess especially for pre-purchasing questions.

Now you can ask your questions here too. I do self host modified WF sites on a regular basis and numerous people here do as well. It will be a pleasure to help you if I can.

i do. what’s up…

well if i buy a plan, all i want to do is use webflow to create what are basically template pages with a header & footer and content blocks, all which resize to various devices. Webflow is quick & handy for that.

There’ll be some added custom javascript & forms… quite a lot of forms to send comments, rank items with a star-system etc and these forms will send either as straight form sends which reload the page or with ajax type sends.

in the help files there is one cryptic part which reads:

“IMPORTANT: If you make any manual changes to the generated HTML or CSS, some Webflow components (e.g. forms) may not work properly.”

this ‘warning’ is not explained. Now obviously if you mess with the html as a noob or the ccs it will change things, but in no way can changing the css or html stop forms from working… unless you are idiotic enough to mess up the actual html form code.

so, why would it say this? is there some weirdness in their code which stops custom added forms from sending? I’m assuming this is a statement designed for total noobs

and how do you find the exported pages generally? any issues? I assume absolutely everything is included & self contained and there are no externally referenced scripts etc?


i will send you a pm. . . . . . . .