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Export code dependancies

Hi All,

I have supplied a site to a client that uses IX2 for a load animation. They are having difficulties handling the animation whilst trying to integrate into a Wordpress install. Quite frankly their problem however they have come back stating that some part of the animation (or I guess part of the exported website) is still dependant on Webflow which is not desirable for them as they would like full control. I have not yet got the details but thought ask hear to get a better understanding before going down that rabbit hole.

Short version: if Webflow disappeared tomorrow, would an exported site stop working in part/full?


Highly unlikely

No, if you do not use Webflow’s default form submission action (means you handle form submissions via a third-party server-side script that does the mailing for you). Other than that, all exported files are “standalone”.

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Thought as much. Many thanks :+1:

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