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Making a Website with Webflow Completely Standalone

Hi, im just curios if anyone knows if it is possible to make a completely standalone website with webflow, what I mean by that is how would I make my website in webflow so that months, or even years after I stop using webflow the websites which I exported and self hosted still works exactly how they were meant. I recently read something saying that if you were to close / stop paying a webflow subscriptions then your website would still “work” but lets say you had a contact form made with webflow then it wouldn’t work after the deletion of the account due to the fact that its hosted on the webflow cloud. is there a way to make these certain features i.e contact form to be completely self hosted instead of HAVING to be hosted on the webflow cloud.

Honestly I just came across webflow last night and its exactly what I was looking for for months now but with these features not working even when the website has been exported and self-hosted im not sure. I think the concept and the builder that webflow has created is absolutely amazing, and im not saying its not in any way.

thanks for ready, hope to see your response!

Forms are really the only feature that count on webflow after export. You can get around this by either writing a php script and calling it from the action section of the form or using a form management like the one built into bluehost for example. There are a few other form submission management options out there. I still haven’t found one as elegant as the built in webflow one though.

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Ok, thank you for confirming that with me, will definitely be trying out some of your suggestions, thank you.