Webflow should explain and word their premium plans better. Perhaps a video

I already purchased the Lite Plan, but still confused a bit. It feels like I paid for oranges and got grapefruits instead. English is my second language.

Questions that still aren’t clear to me:

  1. What is the difference between Projects and Hosted Project?

  2. The Lite Plan comes with 10 Projects, but then it also says Unlimited Hosted Projects. Why? Whats special about the 10?

  3. The Plan that I purchased, is it only for being able the use the Webflow designer?

  4. If I were ready to make a site go Live, would I have to add hosting to each project?

Look at this…

It can be found under the “Hosting” tab on any of your projects. Simply click the “View Full Comparison”.

Use the (?) to view details for each line that they are available on.

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Also look here…

There is no disclosure on the Webflow Plans page that I could find that you must have the Pro plan to Transfer (first icon in image below) a website developed in Webflow to another Webflow customer. Lite can’t.

I’m pretty much stuck when I read Unlimited Hosting when Hosting with Webflow.

Lets say that I have 10 websites (CMS rich) ready to go live.

  • Does that mean that I’ll need to add $16 CMS-hosting per site ($160/month) in addition to the Lite Plan which I’m subscribed too?

Thanks for your quick reply @finidev

Hi there,

If you only need to host your site, you don’t need the lite plan.

The lite plan is only if you need more projects with enhanced staging, or if you need to export your sites.

You can host as many sites as you want with hosting by staying on the free plan.

What about this situation?

  1. I want to design, update, and host multiple sites on Webflow. (I don’t need to export)
  2. connect their domains
  3. ~2000 CMS Items
  4. CDN
  5. ~100 pages

What would the Lite plan get me? What would it cost me?

$0 - You can do all of that on the free plan :smiley:

All you would need is to set up hosting on your sites (or use Client Billing so your clients can pay for it if that applies). Once you set up hosting for your site, it will unlock custom domain ability, 2000 CMS items, CDN, and 100 pages.

I agree with the OP(@soomitt), @brryant. I found the pricing really confusing.

When I went to Account > Upgrade, it said I was on a Free plan, but didn’t mention the Project specific plan I had paid for. It was super confusing and I got a little upset before I realized there was two different areas.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll work on making this more clear in the dashboard and pricing pages.

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@brryant @aeko
So, all I need to do is set up [pay] for hosting, and using Webflow and its other features is for free. It took me a while to understand (correct me if I’m wrong).

Yes, I agree, the pricing and features need to be explained in a more clearer and detailed manner.

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