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Webflow + shopify please help

Can I create a product landing page using web flow, then use it as a landing page on my already operating Shopify store
to make more sense of what I mean by that

In Shopify pages, there is a section to insert custom code “editor” is it possible to export the code of the landing page I created and run it there?
or of course in any other way?

Thank you for helping could not find an answer to this question

In theory you can, although is not as easy as it seems.

I would recommend considering two things:

  1. Why are you changing from Webflow to Shopify if you have e-commerce option in Webflow natively now
  1. If you definitely choose to go for the Webflow + Shopify option you might need to consider a converter like:

Hope this helps.

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I am from israel and webflow does not give me a paymant method I can use for now thank you for you help Ill surlly check it all out

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Hi @Mike-man_Surpin.
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